Stepping in for Family - Caring for a Foster Parent


UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has rallied to be a "circle of support” for Juliette and the sweet girl she has welcomed into her home this summer. We have reached our initial goal of $2100, and Juliette is so grateful.

Juliette and Jordann are committed to opening their home to this sweet girl as long as she needs a home away from her (biological) family, which means she will continue to be with Juliette and Jordann for another month, at least. We want to continue to come together to help financially, and to provide some needed respite care. We have increased our gofundme goal to $2700 to cover August childcare costs and other needs. Please contact Christine (503-348-6770) if you'd like to provide respite care and contribute as you can via the gofundme link below.


Over the last year, Missio has felt called to care for kids and families in the margins. We have begun working with Safe Families for Children, and by extension, the foster care system in Oregon. 

Juliette Cutts is part of our family at Missio and has tremendous love and compassion for kids, particularly those in crisis situations. In June, Juliette and her daughter, Jordann, lovingly welcomed a sweet 18-month old girl into their home, who is temporarily in Juliette's care after being placed in foster care. Juliette and Jordann (and their puppies) have opened their lives and hearts wide open for this sweet girl. 

As a community, we’re called to take care of each other, and as an extension of Juliette's family, we get to help care for sweet girl in whatever ways that we can. Here are two immediate and tangible ways we can help:

1) Provide Respite Care:

We are looking for people to provide occasional care for sweet girl. If you love little kids, and are willing to be background checked by DHS, please reach out to Christine Kan at 503-348-6770 to start the process. Sweet girl is in daycare during the day Monday-Friday, but respite care is needed overnight (pickup from daycare and drop off to daycare next morning), overnights on the weekends, or even pockets of time throughout the weekend. This would allow Juliette to get some rest - she has not been able to sleep and it is impacting her health. Please prayerfully consider this. Bringing a child into your home/life is not a small ask, but this is a beautiful way for us to support Juliette. Sweet girl is adorable and they are having so much fun (if you know Juliette and Jordann, this is no surprise!) - but they need our help to get SLEEP so they can continue to care well.

2) Share the Financial Responsibility:

The state only pays for 25% of childcare costs for children in foster care. This means Juliette has to pay over $1000/month to cover the rest of the necessary care costs. We’ve set up a gofundme to help cover the costs for June and July - we will raise an additional amount as needed in the future. Please contribute what you can to help shoulder the costs - $5, $25, $50, $100 or more. No amount is "too small" or “too large” - we know every amount will be given thoughtfully and lovingly.

Caring for another human is incredible work, and we'd love to support Juliette in these ways while uncertainties lie ahead for this family. We’re calling Missio to stand in the gap and step in together to support this family.

Please contribute as you can. Please also pray for this family - for Juliette and Jordann and sweet girl.